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Lou - The French On The Block

During this time I wanted to help a fabulous local coffee and pastry shop, so I created this ad for them as a reminder that they are open for business.
If you are in Burbank and you have a craving for great coffee and one of the best chocolate croissants in Los Angeles, then go to “Lou, the French on the Block”.
They are open 8AM to 3PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday with safe curbside pick up.
Originally from France, owners Lou and his wife Karima are some of the loveliest people you’ll meet, they are the kind of people you just feel better for knowing and that goodness seems to seep into their pastries and coffee. Go tell them you saw the video and get yourself something, you won’t regret it.

Gourmet Romano

During this time I wanted to help local restaurants, so I repurposed whatever assets they had available on Facebook and created this ad as a reminder that they are open and hungry for business! If you are in the Toluca Lake/Burbank area and you have a craving for amazing pizza then you really should check out Gourmet Romano - bringing authentic Roman cuisine to California.

James Kemp

I created this ad for the amazing James Kemp.
All he gave me was some some footage he shot on his iPhone.
I then found some other video on him which I repurposed as b-roll.
It's super effective, especially as message is king.
But it's how you present yourself that's key - that's where I can help you.
If you’re looking to grow your business,
you should definitely check James out, he’s brilliant.
And if you want an ad like this that will boost your status and present you in your best light, book a free call:


Sara Yamtich

Sara had created a great video but I repackaged it to be more Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friendly
all the while making her message clear and succinct.
When you have a passion and a message like Sara's and it’s presented in an appealing manner things just get amplified.
Sara also heads up one of the best Facebook Ads agencies out there - you should really check her out:
And if you want your video repurposed like this to explode your presence in your market then let’s chat:


Michele Moreno - Camera Charisma Expert

Michele came to me to film a video series to launch her program “Camera Charisma Blueprint.”
During this shoot I took the opportunity to ask her some questions so we could create
some short-form videos to promote her business.
Keep it short and entertaining, give value and post it on social media
and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how powerful an impact you can create.
I can do the same for you, book a free call:
And if you need more camera charisma for your videos
then definitely check out Michele - she's amazing:


Glenn Edley - Spike

Sometimes it doesn’t take as much as you think to amplify your impact.
Especially when you’ve already created ‘gold’ that sits in your back pocket.
This was Glenn’s case.
Glenn is one of the best email marketers out there.
He’s been frequently doing live video but he wanted to do more with his videos.
He wanted to 'up' the production value and boost his positioning to reflect his place in the market.
He gave me footage that he shot on his iPhone and what you see is what I created from that.
There’s a lot of power in being concise and clear in your messaging.
Be authentic, give value, make it short and entertaining and who knows you could be as charismatic as Glenn.
You should really check him out:
And if you want this kind of positioning and presence, then I’d love to repurpose one of your videos for you.
Book a free call:


Derek Bargaehr - Vanguard Audio Labs

I created this ad for Derek @ Vanguard Audio Labs.
All I got was some random footage taken at some convention and I repurposed that
to showcase Derek's love and passion for making incredible microphones.
It's amazing what you can do with footage that you already have!
And if you're in the market for a new microphone you should definitely check Vanguard out:
I'd love to create a similar ad for you repurposing your footage - book a free call and let's chat:


Matt Andrews

Sometimes it doesn’t take as much as you think to generate a greater impact.
Especially when you have already created ‘gold’ in your back pocket. This was Matt’s case.
Matt’s a coach. He’s been frequently doing live video and wanted to do more with his videos.
He wanted to up the production value and boost his positioning to reflect his place in the market.
He gave me some footage that he shot on his iPhone and what you see is what I created from that.
The response was even more valuable than the original. Amazing right?
Matt is astonishing too - you should get in touch and check him out:
If you want these results and this outcome, send me a message or book a free call:


Darren Walsh - Business with Strategy

Sometimes you just need to let your work speak for itself. After all, you’ve put the time in, you’ve done the 10,000. It’s not like your impact has gone away, you have happy clients and successes, right?
But what if you could do more with what’s already there, turn one fish into a thousand, so to speak?
Well you can, and I can show you how to perform your own miracle: simply have your happy clients speak for you.
Darren came to me because he wanted more business.
After a brief discussion I discovered that he had some video testimonials hidden away.
And it’s from this small ‘fish’ that a thousand impressions were made.
I created a concise and engaging piece using this hidden gem.
Do your business a favor, get testimonials whenever you can, and when used in the right way you’ll discover rather like Darren, that you can feed many more than you ever imagined and you didn’t even have to do anything. Now that’s a miracle.
Video is hard. I make it easy.
If you want help fishing for more business and leveraging what you have, then reach out to me I’d love to talk:
And if you want to take your business to the next level, you should definitely reach out to Darren:

Glenn Edley - Christmas Testimonials

There’s always a surprising delight when you find that unexpected twenty dollar bill.
In your jeans, on the sidewalk, on the floor of your car.
“Where on earth did this come from? The angels? Is it a sign? What silly thing can I buy?”
There’s a different kind of joy spending found-money. It’s always a treat.
It’s an excuse to spoil yourself, it gives you a sense of unbridled freedom to….
“Damn the consequences, I can do whatever the hell I want with this cash, nobody’s going to stop me. I’m riiiich!”
It’s the surprise/shock + you-can’t-believe-your-eyes all rolled into one. With the mystery of:
“Well, how long has that been sitting there?!”
As a business owner, we all actually have a few $20's in our back pocket that we’ve forgotten about.
They are called testimonials. And I encourage you to use them.
They are simply sitting there and they are begging to be found, shared and spent.
It’s no surprise that Glenn had plenty of testimonials from his amazing business as the best email marketer out there.
He came to me looking for ways to promote his business and I created this ad.
If you’re looking to double your revenue this holiday season with email marketing you should definitely check out Glenn from Spike:
And if you want help finding the hidden gold that’s just sitting there in your business back pocket, then reach out to me - I’d love to talk: